Life can get busy and it can be difficult to plan self care without getting distracted or forgetting about it altogether.  Sometimes it takes the precise planning and encouragement of another to hold you accountable.

I am a certified personal trainer and a previous D1 college athlete. I have worked with and created exercise plans for:

  • Teens
  • Adults
  • Athletes
  • Extreme weight loss (clients over 500 lbs.)

What I have seen while working with clients of all ages and sizes since 2001, motivation and effort have always been key elements needed to achieve the desired fitness goals.

In-Home Fitness Training

Half the battle of working out is the motivation to get going. I take that factor away by going to the your location. With little to no travel time for you to get to your session, there are no excuses why you are unable to get in shape.

Who is this good for?

  • if you already have a home gym
  • need extra motivation to start the workout
  • have little time to waste in the day


  • One on One Personal Training
    • single session           150
    • 5 session pack          650
    • 10 session pack        1000
  • Small Group Personal Training
    • single session
      • 2 people           200
      • 3 people+         200 + 25 per person
    • multiple session packs

Outdoor Fitness Training

Being outside is a great way to naturally get into shape and challenge you to push your limits. What is better than working out Weather it is a beach workout or a mountain workout we do

Who is this good for?

  • want to spend more time outdoors
  • need to de-stress while working out
  • bump up the intensity to your workouts

Online Personal Training

Do you like working out by watching videos on your computer or tv? Working out this way is a good way to get the workouts in that you may not otherwise. Training online allows you to be anywhere in the world while receiving personalized coaching every rep of the workout.

Who is this good for?

  • need to add personalized attention to workouts
  • change up the routine for more challenging exercises
  • give your workouts a boost if you are stuck in a plateau
  • receive modifications to work around any injuries you may have


  • One on One Personal Training



Nutrition goes hand in hand with my fitness training.  I handle everything fitness, while partnering with Nutrition By Kara for Nutrition.  She is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist who blends her Masters in Counseling with her expertise for Personalized Nutrition Coaching.